a special little place


A story that started with an end leading right into a beginning...

Our company has called this location home for many years now.  It was, at one time, where we witnessed our dreams turn to reality.  Where Nourish Kitchen & Cafe heart started to beat.  Our lives have forever changed with the time spent here.  The gardens have given us perspective, peace & patience.  The seasons have offered us repetition, reminders & reassurance.  The animals have granted us understanding, unity, & universal language.  We see things not differently, but more clearly.  It is now, where our experiences have intertwined with our surroundings and the lessons learned here have created our next adventure.   

Charlotte & the Quail is the love story of a group of characters and a cat sharing a moment in time at a harmonious intersection.



The name of our special little place was easy to come up with.  We wanted something that communicated the whimsy & light heartedness that surrounds us.  'Charlotte' is the name of our beloved garden kitty.  She adopted us as her family over 4 years ago.  You will often find her perched in front of the window, watching us all pass time.  She receives attention & love with glee. The '& the Quail' part of our name is inspired by the road you will find us on (Quayle Road) AND all of the comical little birds that bustle throughout the garden. They make us giggle every time we cross their path.